8 December, 2016

Contact Lenses

We specialise in contact lenses.

At Visual Eyes we specialise in Contact Lenses. We can supply all varieties, from lenses worn for 1 day to lenses you can leave in your eyes for up to 30 day & nights. There are many different brands of contact lenses such as the big names Johnson & Johnson, Alcon Ciba Vision, Bausch & Lomb & Cooper Vision Hydron.

Contact lenses are a fantastic lifestyle option. Fancy not wearing glasses when you go out, or play tennis or go for swim….well you can simply by adding Contact Lenses to your eyewear supply. Price of lenses range from approximately $80* for 30 days supply of 1 day lenses. Why not give them a go today – make a consultation and receive a FREE trail pair of lenses so you can make up your own mind in your time. Also if you have private health insurance you may not even have to pay at all for you 1st supply of contact lenses. Wow…how great is that!

*Consultation fees may apply. Ask instore for details.